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A Simple Single-handed Server

It’s a balanced exercise. Have you ever attempted to use two hands for everyone yourself salad with a buffet while holding a plate, napkin and utensils a single hand? It’s nearly impossible.

Most tongs are generally they cant offer an ample portion and quite often pop open at worst of times. The really long tongs force you to open your hand past an acceptable limit and they are sometimes uncomfortable for youngsters and seniors. Two-handed servers might be awkward to use without building a mess or dropping everything. And pasta-still slick from cooking-is much more more likely to find yourself everywhere in the counter or table.

Fortunately, one cook has come up with a new kitchen gadget which allows users to get and transfer a full serving with just one hand. Developed by the designers of MISTO, Snapi is a single-handed server that’s just the thing for salads, pasta, veggies plus much more. Using essentially a clamshell design, Snapi makes it simplallows you to snap up food for the mess-free meal to be enjoyed by all-whether it is really an intimate dinner for two main or a family feast.

“No matter who uses it,” says the cook and inventor, Tom Risch, “the ergonomic design fits easily and comfortably within the hand, even for people with limited motion, so we have seen kids actually having a great time serving themselves veggies. When we have friends for lunch, we usually serve everything buffet style. I put a different-colored Snapi in each dish and our friends love them.”

What’s more, considering that the server fits directly in your hand, you might have with additional control. It’ll even pick-up a hot potato or rutavdrag flyttstädning a single cherry tomato. The season’s smartest kitchen tool makes serving simple.

The single-handed server costs $9.99 and is available in four colors. It is offered at specialty kitchen stores and vad kostar en flyttstädning mass merchandisers.

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