8 Things You Didn’t Know About Carpet Cleaning Business

maid services in californiaHigh Pressure Cleaning of Outdoor Carpeted Area

Carpeting is a vital aspect of furnishing any area, and in many cases, it is necessary to use this type of floor covering in the outdoors. For Hotel Furniture organizations and facilities that have pools, patios, putting greens for golfing and various other similar areas, installing an outdoor carpet is commonplace. This type of carpeting is synthetic in nature and fixed to the concrete surface through reliable and weather resistant adhesive.

Of course, there comes a time when every organization needs to hire a reliable company that executes commercial end of lease cleaning services to tidy up the carpet and make it hygienic and presentable again. Since outdoor carpeting is secured through weather proof glue, it is characteristically unaffected by moisture and extreme temperatures, which renders it very difficult to remove from the concrete surface. When the carpet is uninstalled from the facility, sizable quantities of hardened glue remain on the floor, which prove to be quite complex to remove.

Fortunately, companies engaged in providing services related to commercial office cleaning set in Perth are adept at getting rid of the unsightly adhesive stuck on the subfloor. They make use of a variety of equipments and materials, out of which a high pressure cleaning vacuum cleaner is renowned for producing the best results. Some of the material that is used in conjunction with high pressure washer include general adhesive remover, push broom, floor scraper, bucket (large sized), laundry detergent, paint stirrer, warm water.

The reputed commercial cleaning Perth start this job by applying the adhesive remover evenly on the floor, with the help of a push broom. This is best done by pouring the material in a puddle and spreading the contents in the requisite direction, maintaining consistency all the while. After applying it, the personnel let it settle for a while, the duration of which is as per the time given on the package. When the stipulated time limit passes, the adhesive should be scraped off the floor, and the largest pieces of glue come off with utmost ease.

The next step involves preparing a solution that consists of two parts of the laundry detergent and one part of warm water. This solution is prepared in a bucket that can hold volumes up to 5gallons at least. The mixture, which forms a thick paste upon proper mixing, is to be stirred with either spoon with a long handle or a paint stirrer for best results. The paste is also spread over the surface in question by the efficient high pressure cleaning professionals with the help of the push broom, which is used for scrubbing the floor thoroughly.

The washer is then activated, with water filling the containment tank up to the recommended limit. The nozzle is aimed at the area to be cleansed of the hardened adhesive at an angle of 45o at a distance/height of 3-4′ from the floor.

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